Elite Elevator



191 Presidential Blvd.

COMPLETED MODERNIZATION! of 6 Mid-Rise Geared Cars and is currently in Progress. Phase I was completed in November of 2020.

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555 City Line Ave

COMPLETE MODERNIZATION of 4 Mid-Rise Geared Cars and is currently in progress

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North American Building

TOTAL TRANSFORMATION COMPLETED! Removed Mid 19th Century technology and replaced it with today’s technology!

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Philadelphia Protestant Home

COMPLETE MODERNIZATION: re-engineer to install new energy efficient power units to low rise hydraulic elevators.

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One Independence Place

COMPLETE MODERNIZATION of three gear-less high speed elevator cars.

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Parc Rittenhouse Phase 3

Phase 3 started in October 2019 and is currently in progress.  Phase 1 was completed in 2016 and Phase 2 was completed in 2018.

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Colonial Penn Building

High traffic office building modernized all elevators in Spring of 2017.

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